Definition: The general ledger or ledger is a record of all the accounts that the company uses. In all modern accounting systems, the general ledger is computerized. A general ledger divides accounts into three account types: assets, liabilities, and equity accounts. What Does General Ledger Mean? All companies have a specific set of accounts that


In general, using the active voice will infuse your writing with greater energy and clarity, but sometimes the passive voice will be your best choice, depending on which part of the sentence you want to emphasize. Still not sure when to use the active vs. passive voice? You can learn more here.

GENERAL 3. QUINES2016 On Labor Day in 1963, Mario Andretti won seven midget races— three in the afternoon at Flemington, New Jersey, and four at night in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. SPECIFIC 4. Learning Target Distinguish between general and specific statements QUINES2016 5. In general terms definition: If you describe something in general terms , you describe it without giving details . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples General and specific personal jurisdiction are two types of personal jurisdiction in the United States. Below we’ll discuss personal jurisdiction generally, how personal jurisdiction is different from subject matter jurisdiction, and the difference between general and specific personal jurisdiction.

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RESULTS: A revised bi-factor model that included a general p factor and specific anxiety, mood, antisocial, and attention factors with cross-loadings fit the data best. Specific personality traits and general personality dysfunction as predictors of the presence and severity of personality disorders in a clinical sample. Berghuis H(1), Kamphuis JH, Verheul R. Author information: (1)a GGz Centraal , Innova , Amersfoort , The Netherlands. General Provisions vs. Specific Provisions .

Specific Causation  Several specific objectives may be deduced from a general objective; they may be organized in a sequence which is conducive to learning.

General Terms and Conditions for races arranged by Icebug The purchase of a starting place in sports events on a specific day or for a specified period of time 

Posted on Mar 6, 2015 by davethomas2. davethomas2. 869 Points. 0:12 - The antonym of "in general" is "specifically", not "in specific".

3 days ago General definition is - involving, applicable to, or affecting the whole. b : concerned or dealing with universal rather than particular aspects.

3.4 Need for specific regulatory support for innovation .

In general in specific

A specific lien is granted only with respect to a particular asset. In foreclosure, the specific asset is the real property that is subject to the foreclosure. General Specific (voiced by Kevin Seal) is the main antagonist of the series. The ruthless and ambitious leader of the Secret Military Organization, Specific does his best to capture Sheep for his Sheep-Powered Ray Gun. He is never discouraged by his constant losses.
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background in a research paper. opening paragraphs for a discussion or an analysis. essay examination answers.

background in a research paper.
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Rash and unphilosophical differentiation of varieties , which have specific unity biology in general , and , as to this class in particular , the trespassing in this 

General Specific (voiced by Kevin Seal) is the main antagonist of the series.

Seller's General Conditions of Sale shall also apply to all future constitute a guarantee for any specific quality of the Goods; such specific.

Published in volume 96, issue 3, pages 811-831 of  Many translated example sentences containing "in general and in particular" – Swedish-English dictionary and search engine for Swedish translations. For example, with respect to fraud the Member States have included definitions of this crime in many different forms of legislation, ranging from general criminal  title = "Dichotic listening with specific, general, abstract and emotional words – semantic judgments and reaction times.",. author = "Frida M{\aa}rtensson and  Mmmmm! Hallå mina vänner!

I had thought I was done with my series on demonstrative pronouns in Swedish, but I noticed a comment at the  2014 (Engelska)Rapport (Refereegranskat). Abstract [en]. Training programs for the unemployed typically involve teaching a specific skill to ease the transition  en-GB.