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The Porsche 917 is one of the most important racecars of all time with achievements like bringing Porsche its first ever victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and having a starring role in the Steve

Karossen står  Porsche 917 fortsatte att dominera även 1971 års säsong med åtta vinster av tio möjliga. Porsche Spyder serien och vann mästerskapet med segrar i Road “Motor Sport" utnämnde den till “greatest racing car in history". Om föremålet. Model car scale 1/18\n\n\n\nPorsche 917k\n 1971\n\nGulf #20\nSteve McQueen Edition \n\n\n**Top rarity**\n**Very  "Porsche 917#20 flying in the air" Porsche from Michael Delaney (Steve McQeen) car, striking the guardrail and then bouncing several times across the road,  Men Le Mans gick alltså på en helg och lusten efter den mäktiga porsche 917 växte sig stark och överfördes till 911:orna och fick sin blomning i rsr-versionerna  Den Porsche 917 är en racerbil från den tyska biltillverkaren Porsche . Det presenterades på bilutställningen i 1970. 917 resultat Sports Car World Championship 1970 917 PA, 5,0 l. Road America Can-Am, Road America.

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HD wallpaper for backgrounds Porsche 917K Road Car 1969 ,278.5Kb, car tuning Porsche 917K Road Car 1969 ,278.5Kb and concept car Porsche 917K Road Car 1969 ,278.5Kb wallpapers. 2013-12-29 · The Porsche 917 is without a doubt one of the most iconic racing cars ever made. The car dominated sports car racing in the early 1970s and gave Porsche its first overall win in the most 2019-08-25 · Best representation descriptions: Related searches: Jaguar Cars,Lamborghini,Ferrari,Bugatti Car,Ferrari Cars,Mercedes-Benz,Lamborghini Cars,Audi,Porsche 911,Mustang Fans of the Porsche 917/30 lionise the car because it was so fast and capable that it effectively killed the Can-Am series. Haters villainise it for the same reason. The predecessor of the ‘Turbo Panzer’, the 917/10, had breezed to the championship in 1972 so convincingly that the once all-conquering McLaren Cars team quit Can-Am with its tail between its legs. 1970→1971 Porsche 917 Kurzheck The 917 Kurzheck Coupé (917K) first appeared in 1970 and contributed more to the Porsche 917 story than any other variant.

That’s all; a Porsche 917 is as easy to start as a Ford Fiesta. This is instructive and suggests again that pragmatism plays as large a part in the secret of this car’s success as pure power. As my day with the car elapsed, I learned more about this hidden talent.

The Porsche 917 is celebrating its golden anniversary; the 917 was introduced in 1969 and won at Le Mans in 1970 and 1971. To commemorate the milestone, Porsche will have a special exhibit at its

Delivered new some years ago to its current and only owner, this incredible junior 917 remains brand new and has never been used. So yes, the Bailey 917 is a modern build with modern components and an engine out of a road car, and I was in great pain for a few days afterwards, but out of all the Porsches I’ve had the pleasure to drive, which includes Ickx’s ’84 Dakar 953, the original ’74 works Safari car, and an ex-Konrad/Waldergaard 914/6 GT, this is my absolute favorite. 2019-03-11 · The turbocharging technology developed for later 917s even made its way in altered form into the original 911 Turbo road car.

1969 Porsche 917 / 917-001. The very first Porsche 917 built, which sent shockwaves through the motorsport world following its reveal at the Geneva Motor Show. In its role as a test and development car, #001 was converted to Kurz specification and displayed as a promotional car in the Le Mans-winning Salzburg livery.

1969 Porsche 917K Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Steve Mcqueen, Supercars, Porsche 917-016 Roadracing, Racerbil, Le Mans, Porsche, Sportbilar. Pedro Rodriguez devant Vic Elford, tout deux sur Porsche 917, grands talents !!! Porsche, where they built factory cars used to race at Le Mans under Norbert Porsche 917 K in Assetto Corsa Sportbilar, Sportbilar, Racerbil, Roadracing. La Porsche 917 Fly n°3 des 24 heures du Mans 1970. Histoire et essai de la voiture miniature de slot racing au 1/32ème pour circuit routier électrique.

Porsche 917 road car

La Porsche 917 Fly n°3 des 24 heures du Mans 1970. Histoire et essai de la voiture miniature de slot racing au 1/32ème pour circuit routier électrique. Pedro Rodriguez devant Vic Elford, tout deux sur Porsche 917, grands talents !!! 917-exiting Druids Hairpin Brands Hatch BOAC Sportbilar, Roadracing, Porsche, where they built factory cars used to race at Le Mans under Norbert Singer.
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Join Car.info and upload your car  Weighing 990kg (2,182lbs) dry and with what David Piper would call “prodigious horsepower,” the 917 is an absolute monster. The rev limit has been set to 8,200rpm, and to hear it scream is such a delight.

But only two 917s had ever been registered for the road, until now, and one of those (chassis number 917.021) was but a brief affair, the car later restored to its famous racing livery.
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Finding a car using CarGurus lets you car shop online. It's like window-shopping on steroids for car enthusiasts. There's no sales person hovering over your shoulder, so you can take your time perusing this online marketplace. The website a

The 917K was an evolution of the original 1969 car. The 917K Road Car was made out of the 21th built Porsche 917, which was delivered to AAW Racing in April 1970 for the Interserie championship. 2014-02-16 · Note the lack of silencers on the car in comparison to the "CW-K 917" car. "CW-K 917" was an ex David Piper race car that was converted at a much later date, and not by Porsche and did meet European regs. Nonetheless, both are/were/have been driven in Europe. A David Piper race car that was never registered for road use.

2019-07-29 · Watch This One-of-Two, Street-Legal Porsche 917K Get Pushed to the Limit at Goodwood The car, which has supposedly been valued at $40 million, technically shouldn't exist at all.

Thank you guys! Dennis van der Meijs 10y. Manuell, PDK. Effekt, 243 kW (330 hp) vid 6.700 1/min, 243 kW (330 hp) vid 6.700 1/min. Acceleration från 0 - 100 km/h, 5.0s, 4.9s. Maxhastighet, 281 km/h, 279  Köp online Aurora Porsche 917 (434086062) ✓ Bilbanor, leksaker • Skick: Begagnad ✓ Fri Frakt ✓ Auktion • Tradera.com.

With "over 1200" horsepower (Porsche was coy about the actual power output) available from the twin-turbo, flat-12 variant, it dominated sports car racing for years.